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Your Favorite Candy…Modernized.


Things are different. Companies are dumping unimaginable amounts of money at trend analysis. Below are 6 popular candies that are keeping up with the times.

1) Wonka’s Hipsters

nerds hipsters

Just like the middle class, Nerds as we once knew them are gone, and the marketing team over at Nestlé are aware of it.

2) Farm Raised Swedish Fish

farm raised swedish fish

Although there is a slight discoloration when compared with original Swedish Fish, we are assured by the manufacturer that the nutritional content remains the same.

3) Sour Diesel Kids

sour diesel kids

The marijuana industry is booming since its legalization in Colorado. You can’t blame them for jumping on the cannabis train.

4) Underpay Day


Marketed towards cynical baristas with unused college degrees, this is the first candy bar to be launched with a “buy now, pay later” option.

5) Mrs. Goodbar

mrs. goodbar

Inspired by Bruce Jenner’s transformation into Caitlyn, Mrs. Goodbar hopes to bring relevancy back into their aging brand.

6) Blow Pops with Cocaine

blow pop with cocaine

Lollipops aren’t just for kids anymore. With public acceptance of marijuana rising, the clever folks at Charms know they’ll be on the bleeding edge of America’s drug culture.