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Adult Themed Poems with Illustrations – Volume I


Inspired by Shel Silverstein’s children poems and illustrations. Sit back, relax, and get your fingers ready to snap. It’s poetry time.

Let’s Meet to Spread Her Feet

Looking for
A potential foot spreader.
Be hung like a horse,
The bigger the better.

White, Yellow, Brown or Black.
Open to all
That are skilled in the sack.

Be in good health,
Free of disease,
To have my wife
Down on her knees.

She’s a full bodied woman
With breasts big and wide.
Just searching for someone
To have fun on this ride.

We’re done having kids,
Her tubes are all tied.
No need for a rubber,
Just cum right inside.

If you liked what you hear
And your distance is near,

Then contact us soon,
And we’ll split a room,

So we can finally meet,
To spread her feet.

spread her feet

Not That Time of The Month

Where oh where,
Is my bloody streak?
I’m getting scared,
It’s late a week.

Why oh why,
Did I screw that geek?
He has no job,
His future’s bleak.

Where oh where,
Is that red I seek?
Every hour,
I take a peek.

Why oh why,
Did his condom leak?
He should have came
Upon my cheek.

My oh my,
Will my father freak
When he finds out
Where I use to sneak.

dry tampon

Willy Won’t Wake

Wake up, Willy,
Your friend’s here to visit.
She’s waiting downstairs,
And it might get explicit.

Wake up, Willy,
She’s starting to wonder.
Don’t ruin this night,
Rise from your slumber.

Wake up, Willy,
You can’t blame the beer.
She’s going home soon,
She thinks you’re a queer.

When Willy awakes, his guest is long gone.
He jumps out of bed and lets out a yawn.
Tired no more and sad as can be,
Willy is up,
I wish she stayed to see.

wake up willy