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After taking a short hiatus, Justin has returned to join Enzo again for Episode 6. Since becoming a father, it can only be assumed Justin spends most of his time changing diapers and hopelessly rubbing on cocoa-butter in a selfish attempt to hide a cesarean scar. His arms are tired, but his hands have never […]
The undeniably likable Erik Pedersen sits down with Enzo for Episode 5 while Justin is away dealing with the newly found responsibilities of fatherhood. The brooding nature of Erik is contagious and strangely comforting as he shares his yeast & Slampig filled past. Enzo contemplates the legality and morality of self-sodomy if time traveling was […]
Steve Brueckner, the always amusing math savant and vinegar stroke expert joins us for Episode 4. Enzo shares his compelling thesis into the real origins of Jesus Christ, as well as Joseph’s devious tendencies in Mary’s absence. Justin tells a story of how a damaged car door unintentionally led to the successful concealment of contraband […]
For some reason, James seemed to have brought out the worst in us. Perhaps it’s because he’s a genuinely nice guy and the idea of luring out dark thoughts seemed intriguing. Either way, he holds his own really well throughout and still had the spirit to play one of his original songs for us (titled […]