Inspired by Shel Silverstein’s children poems and illustrations. Sit back, relax, and get your fingers ready to snap. It’s poetry time. Let’s Meet to Spread Her Feet Looking for A potential foot spreader. Be hung like a horse, The bigger the better. White, Yellow, Brown or Black. Open to all That are skilled in the […]
Jim Koch is a brilliant man. As the founder of Samuel Adams Beer (eventually named Boston Beer Company), he pioneered the craft beer explosion we live in today. Because of his company’s mainstream success, it seems his once loyal beer enthusiast have turned their back on him. These trying times have the Boston Beer Company […]
A few years have passed since high school.  Your creativity is slipping further into extinction after every work week and a decent paycheck distorts your perception of time.  A comfortable routine has accidentally created an empty life, while the burden of responsibility prevents you from doing anything about it. Browsing through social media confirms that irrelevancy […]
Things are different. Companies are dumping unimaginable amounts of money at trend analysis. Below are 6 popular candies that are keeping up with the times. 1) Wonka’s Hipsters Just like the middle class, Nerds as we once knew them are gone, and the marketing team over at Nestlé are aware of it. 2) Farm Raised […]
  1) Helga Pataki hangs herself in her closet next to her statue of Arnold. After hearing the news that Arnold knocked up Lulu, the heart break proved to be too much for Helga to handle.   2) Darwin goes ape shit on Eliza Much like the incident in Connecticut with Travis the Chimpanzee, there […]
Candy Corn and Circus Peanuts. They’re candy staples with origins dating back to the 19th century. They each contain marshmallows in some way or another and both are at the bottom of the candy barrel in terms of taste and overall grace. Like faded sitcom stars, they’re two candies living on royalty checks, unable to […]